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Self-Employed and In Treatment

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If you own your own business, being diagnosed and treated for breast cancer doesn’t have to significantly affect your income. There are ways to keep your business running while you get the treatment you need:

  • Consider hiring temporary help. If you have trusted family or friends who offer to step in, take advantage of their assistance. Maybe you have a close associate or business partner you can ask to assist in your role.
  • Keep all records clear and manageable, so that if you ask someone else to do the work for you, tasks can be done easily.
  • Complete big tasks before you begin treatment, if you can. If you need to still participate in the business once treatment starts, it’ll be easier to manage the smaller tasks.
  • Know your healthcare coverage. Check your plan to make sure all your treatments are covered. If you don’t have healthcare coverage and are not working, you can purchase a disability plan from an insurance agent. You can also look at other ways to pay for treatment.
  • Consult a financial advisor, if necessary. Find out where you can save a little money, to perhaps absorb any financial impact of taking time away from work.
  • Take advantage of being the boss. Keep a flexible schedule, and try to work from home if you don’t already.

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